Setting Up Your Bytesim eSIM: A Step-by-Step Guide!

Activating an eSIM is relatively easy for any tech-literate person. So, even if you’re unsure how to start, don’t worry! Our comprehensive guide lets you quickly buy and set up your Bytesim eSIM.

Firstly, we need to ensure that you have an eSIM-capable device. Most modern phones are eSIM capable, meaning they have an eSIM chip pre-installed inside. Even so, search on the internet with the specific model number of your device and find out if it is eSIM compatible.

To set up your Bytesim eSIM, you need to buy a service package from them. There are many packages available at different prices. The price depends on the destination, the data package, and service days.

So, buy a package from the Bytesim homepage that suits your travel destination, price, and service days. After a few minutes of purchasing the package, you’ll receive a QR code through email. Now, you can install and activate the Bytesim eSIM.

Setting Up Bytesim eSIM on an iPhone

To install the eSIM on your iPhone, follow the steps below –

  • Print out the QR code you received via email or open the QR on another device at home.
  • Go to Settings on your device > Mobile Data > Add Data Plan.
  • The camera on your iPhone will open. Now, you’ll have to scan the QR code carefully.
  • You can choose to label the eSIM for convenience at this point.

Now, you have two SIM cards on your phone. One is Primary, and the other is the new Bytesim eSIM. So, you’ll have to set up the eSIM as your mobile data SIM but not the default calling line. If you don’t touch anything, the primary line will be the default calling line.

  • Go to Settings > Cellular/ Mobile Data > Cellular Data > Select the new Bytesim eSIM.
  • Turn off “Allow Cellular Data Switching” to prevent high roaming bills.

After this, you’ll have to activate your Bytesim.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Choose Bytesim eSIM > Tap “Turn on this line.”
  • Below, you’ll see another option named “Data Roaming.” Turn off “Data Roaming.”

That’s it! Your Bytesim eSIM is now activated.

Setting Up Bytesim eSIM on an Android ( Google Pixel)

Setting up an eSIM will be a similar experience for all Android devices, such as Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, etc. If you have a Google Pixel 4 or later version, your phone supports an eSIM.

  • Print out the QR code you received from Bytesim or open the QR on another device at home.
  • Go to Settings > Networking and Internet.
  • You’ll see a “+” icon next to SIMs.
  • Press the “+” icon and tap “Download a SIM card instead” on the next pop-up.
  • If you see a pop-up saying Use 2 SIMs, press “Yes.”
  • Press Next on Download Your SIM.
  • Now, the camera on your device will open.
  • Scan the QR code, and the download will automatically begin.

Now, you’ll have to activate the eSIM on your Google Pixel.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile & Internet > Mobile Network.
  • Select the new Bytesim eSIM.
  • You’ll see a button beside “Use SIM.” Turn on the switch.
  • Below, on the same page, you’ll see “Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming”.
  • Turn both buttons on.

Remember, if your phone has dual SIM, Data Roaming and Mobile Data should only be turned on for the Bytesim. If you turn on Data Roaming for the primary SIM, you’ll have substantial international roaming charges.



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