Plastic Milkshake Cup -Manufacturing, Size and Material info

Drinking on the go has become an essential part of our daily busy lives now. The plastic milkshake cups with durable plastic lids will help you carry your milkshake to the office, school, or anywhere. In addition, a plastic milkshake cupis a type of disposable crockery that helps you dispose of it easily after use.

Plastic cups are durable and appropriate for carrying around your milkshake without the fear of leakage and spilling. In addition, the plastic milkshake cups with hard plastic lids and straws will assist you in managing your budget, thanks to their one-of-a-kind quality and superb cost.

Additionally, they will become the heroes of your gatherings and occasions thanks to their stylish commitment and the chance to customize them with the subject you need on your special occasions.

Manufacturing of Plastic Milkshake Cup

Polypropylene terephthalate is used in making plastic milkshake cups. It is a durable and easily recyclable material used for making plastic cups. The melting point of PET plastic is above 70° degrees centigrade. Plastic milkshake cups can be made in 90, 92, and 98 calibers. The injection molding process makes them.


The plastic milkshake cups are made of plastic. Mainly PET plastic is used in making these cups. Polypropylene terephthalate PET is safe and FDA-approved and can be used in food containers and beverage cups.


The plastic milkshake cups come in 360ml, 500ml, 600ml, and 700ml. In addition, these cups can be customized into different sizes, shapes, and colors. Frosted and transparent cups are the two main customization choices to be made in the process. Round plastic cups and square plastic cups are other important customization.

The lids are available in different shades and thicknesses too. The other customization that can be done on plastic cups are printing, logos, colors, shapes, and writings. The printing techniques on plastic cups are flexo-print, offset print, tampon print, and computerized print.

Usage of Plastic Milkshake Cup

To-go beverages are becoming a more powerful part of everyone’s life. Plastic cups carry around coffee, juice, milkshake, tea, and other beverages. Likewise, plastic cups are important for bistros, canteen, restaurants, takeaway foods, cafes, juice bars, and food stalls.

The little juice bars need to separate their identity from those in the same business. Customizing plastic cups is the only method, and they already need disposable plastic cups for customers.

Specification of Plastic Cup

The cup’s body is thick enough to prevent it from squeezing and collapsing just by holding it. The cup has a transparent and good sealing body. The cup’s rim is smooth and without burrs to prevent lips from injury. The rim is a tough outwardly hinged curve, so the plastic lid can be fitted and locked properly to prevent leakage. The bottom of the cup is made of thick plastic for stability and to prevent spilling liquid from falling or collision.



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