Exceptionally Comfortable Vaping Experience with Vape Pod Systems

One of the most common dilemmas of vapers is carrying a vape device wherever. Carrying one outside the home is more like a task and obligation. Too many things need to be considered to carry a vape device, which is a humungous hassle for vapers—for example, carrying one or two bottles of e-liquids, spare batteries, spare atomizers, tools for replacing the coils, and cotton replacements. Come to think of it, there are several regulations already for using vape devices outside but carrying one is a much more problematic regulation alone. But these are the past vaping dilemmas that pod systems have solved. In this read, further advantages of vape pod systems will be discussed to solidify that vape pod systems are the best for a very convenient way of vaping.

Vape Pod Systems Main Features

Convenient, reliable, easy to use, maintenance-free, affordable, and stylish; are the best things that describe the entirety of a vape pod system. Vape pod systems eliminate all the hassles of bringing heavy and chunky box mod devices and even mechanical vape pens. It is slicker and can fit into a pocket with pure discreetness and comfort. Pod systems also use cartridges which serves the question of why it is called pods. These replaceable or sometimes refillable cartridges contained e-liquid similar to an RTA of previous vaping devices but way smaller in size. These cartridges’ coiling and wicking mechanism is in the sort of “plug and play” type of usage, instantly omitting the need to carry various tools and equipment for coiling and wicking an atomizer. Vape pod systems use built-in batteries for the power source, which can be recharged quickly through a USB Type-C port. It is a feature wherein there’s no need to bring extra pair/s of bulky 18650 batteries and a separate charger, unlike traditional vaping. Another best feature of a vape pod system is that missing atomizer and temp control errors don’t exist on this particular vaping device. As long as the compatible pod cartridges are used on a specific pod system model or brand, worrying about ohms and resistance is just a thing of the past. E-liquid leakage is also very unlikely to happen on a vape pod system. It may only happen if an exploit or negligence upon handling the device occurs. Lastly, pod vape kits are known to be less expensive compared to most vaping devices available in the market. Vaping is more accessible and appealing as a smoking cessation to smokers now that it is made more affordable and efficient for daily use.

Vape Pod System’s Drawbacks

To be fair, vape pod kits also have negative features, just like a typical everyday device. Most notable of which is the power draw. Since pod systems are very slick in design and use built-in batteries, the power draw of this vaping device is far lesser when compared to other vaping devices. Cloud chasing is merely impossible as pod systems are carefully engineered to cater to the vapers’ demands for continuous daily vaping. This drawback is more of a controlled restraint to make vape pod systems last longer. Other drawbacks, like some pod devices not being designed to be refillable, having E-liquid leakage, and not being customizable, are the end-user types of drawbacks and are not deliberately caused by a brand-new and functioning pod vaping device.

Final Thoughts

Even with its flaws mentioned, vape pod systems are still considered one of the most convenient vaping devices for everyday vaping needs. One fact that is considered beneficial to most vapers, if not all.



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